Thursday, December 16, 2010

a little thing that's called life. (and crazy kids)

hello all!  It's been far too long since my last post and i have greatly missed blogging and all of you ladies!  my kids have kept my hands full over the past few months and i seriously have been struggling to find any time to myself.  when i do find free time, i just don't even want to think.  haha!  i'm sure you all understand, but i thought i'd explain it all in a nutshell :)

anyway... is everyone looking forward to the holidays?  dave's family will be down here for 10 days to celebrate Christmas with us again.  we always have such a wonderful time with them.  lots of laughs, relaxing and good food. 

this year i'm especially excited as it will be my baby boy's First Christmas!  not only that, but my little girl is 3 now, and she's at that age where she understands what's going on.  the other night, she found the present stash in my walk-in closet.  when i told her she had to wait to open presents till Christmas day, she started crying her cute little eyes out.  it was sad, but so awesome at the same time!  i love getting to see Christmas though her eyes!

okay, well i can't stay on much longer, but here's my kids Christmas picture: