Monday, August 9, 2010

things have been a little crazy.

on friday we took a family day trip up to greenville, sc to meet up with some friends and had a blast!  here are some pics:

a view of the cute restaurant we ate at - brick street cafe.
the liberty bridge at falls park

me and the kids strolling on the bridge
the best of many family photos - averie would not stay still!
view of the reedy river and the falls down below

great friends, beth and neil.

beth and i on a super cute bridge over the reedy.

the trip was way too short for my liking.  beth and i used to be roommates and we hadn't seen each other for a good 4 years.  can you all believe this girl is almost 1/2 way through her pregnancy with her second child??  how much more fabulous can someone look with a baby in their tummy?  so jealous!