Monday, August 9, 2010

things have been a little crazy.

on friday we took a family day trip up to greenville, sc to meet up with some friends and had a blast!  here are some pics:

a view of the cute restaurant we ate at - brick street cafe.
the liberty bridge at falls park

me and the kids strolling on the bridge
the best of many family photos - averie would not stay still!
view of the reedy river and the falls down below

great friends, beth and neil.

beth and i on a super cute bridge over the reedy.

the trip was way too short for my liking.  beth and i used to be roommates and we hadn't seen each other for a good 4 years.  can you all believe this girl is almost 1/2 way through her pregnancy with her second child??  how much more fabulous can someone look with a baby in their tummy?  so jealous! 


  1. What a fun little road trip for the family. Averie is darling, just like mama!! I like seeing your skirt make repeat appearances. It's reality. I wear the same things for days in a row sometimes. That's life. We don't all have endless closets. Why pretend?? About that cardi. I'm on the fence too. I kind of love it and hate it at once. Gosh, aimee!! I'm so excited (1) for your Anthro trip; and (2) for the suprise!!

  2. I love the red cardigan. It's gorgeous and would look perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and flats!

  3. I love your skirt!!
    I'm super excited for your Anthro trip! I can't wait to see what all you get to try! And a surprise?! So fun - I'm ready to hear it! :)

  4. Cat - we did have such a fun day! it was great to be out in the sunshine with great company. you're totally right about wardrobe repeats - i just feel like i'm going to bore you all :) glad to know you don't care though! my anthro trip is 6 days away and i'm psyched!!!

    Jaime - i agree this sweater would look great with the skinnies! i'm still iffy about it right now, but i'm constantly changing my mind about clothing, so who knows - i might be in love tomorrow?

    Erin - thanks! i love the skirt too and am so glad i scored it on sale. the styling possibilities are nearly endless and it's super light weight which is perfect for the crazy heat we've been experiencing this summer. the surprise has been posted. i hope you all are as excited about it as i am!