Monday, May 17, 2010

survivor things.

i can't believe i'm actually feeling really good today.  i couldn't fall asleep last night for the life of me and ended up nodding off at about 3am, only to be awakened 1.5 hours later by my baby boy who was hungry.  after i fed him, i attempted to try to get a bit more sleep, only to be awakend by him again 2 hours later.  i've got to be running on pure adrenaline right now.  there's absolutely no other explanation as to how i'm even functioning! 

on another note, my husband and i watched the season finale of Survivor last night (yes, we're big dorks, i know).  i'm a little annoyed at how these players were so experienced and yet they all based their votes on emotion.  if they based it on the motto "outwit outplay outlast", i believe the person who deserved to win would have.  it's a game!  not a populatirty contest, for goodness sakes!  ugh.  anyway... sorry for that, but i had to get it out.

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