Thursday, May 13, 2010

things yummy. things pretty.

good morning everyone!  can you believe i'm actually following through with this blogging business?  i'm actually surprising myself right now because i haven't had any sort of hobby for a long time and i'm thinking that i've just started one!  this is all very exciting for me.  after the birth of my daughter 2 1/2 years ago, i kind of lost the desire to do things for myself.  i made everything about her and my personal life always came last on the list of priorities.  but here i am, 3 months after the birth of my son, putting myself first for a small portion of the day and it feels darn good!

anyway, people always tell me that they love me for my random ramblings and such, so i'll start you off with a little fact about myself that really isn't all that interesting, but hey... it's my blog and i'll write about whatever i want!

so chai is pretty much the only tea i drink and it's really strange because i compare it to the taste of pumpkin pie (which i hate).  but i love this stuff for some reason.  i had a big ol' mug if it last night while waiting for my baby boy to wake up for his last feeding of the night, and man was it scrumptious.  and it had just the right amount of caffeine in it to keep me from dozing off after an exhausting day.


okay, onto the next thing...

i'm not really sure how i want to do this yet, but i've been thinking that i want to start some sort of periodical dress up posts.  being a stay at home mom doesn't really allow for too many days of dressing up and looking pretty.  but, i really feel it's important for me to take some time every so often to do my makeup and get prettied up in a cute outfit.  i feel this helps me keep my identity and not feel 100% like a human burp cloth.  so readers, here's my first shot at this.  i'm hoping i can do this at least once every couple of weeks, and hopefully i can inspire other mommies out there to try this for themselves!

well, that's all for now.  hope you all have a great day!


  1. You look beautiful! Maybe once in awhile I will do the same thing. Though, that DOES mean I will need to buy some nice dressy clothes. lol.

  2. omg, you look amazing! i think that's a great way to feel beautiful. Keep up the pictures! i'd do it, too, but i will leave the dressing up to you since i don't want to be a thief!

  3. sammi - thanks! you totally don't need to buy dressy clothes, just wear something you feel good in :)

    kelli - steal away! i don't mind at all.

  4. You are such a pretty lady!!

    I LOVE Chai tea, but last time I drank it, it made my breastmilk taste really spicy (I could smell it, I didn't taste it ;)) and Rosie wouldn't drink it!!

  5. I love seeing Finn in the background!

  6. Camille - sad, yet kida funny about the spicy milk! haha!

    Val - yeah... he pretty much hangs out wherever i am :)

  7. You're so cute Aimee. I've tried to do this myself, and then think "ehhh, whats the point" and then I get spit up on me :)

  8. i actually did get drooled on majorly like 2 hours after these pics were taken. so i changed. but it was a nice 3 hours of getting dressed up! :)