Saturday, June 26, 2010

a bunch of things about my day.

good evening lovelies!  today was an uneventful day.  david and i were trying to recuperate from this past week, and weren't really feeling like doing much of anything.  so, we stayed in with the kids and entertained them with our mad parenting skills.  

it has been so hot here in south carolina these past couple of weeks.  the air is too sticky and stagnant to allow for much time spent outdoors.  and our apartment is starting to annoy us because our a/c doesn't seem to want to function properly.  when we turn it on this place turns into a freezer within minutes, but once we turn it off it becomes uncomfortably hot just as quickly.  the maintenance guys swear there's nothing wrong with it, but i beg to differ.

today was the first day EVER that i allowed david to take photos of me for this blog.  i usually do them myself using the timer on my trusty point and shoot, but for some reason all of my pictures were coming out blurry and i couldn't stand it anymore, so i gave in and asked him.  i don't know why, but i find posing for blog pics in front of my husband to be sort of embarrassing.  

here's one of my favorite meals for the summer!

*linguine with hot chile, caramelized onion & gremolata*

it's a quick, easy, light, spicy and filling dish.  oh, and it's sooo delicious!  if anyone wants the recipe, let me know.  i'd be more than willing to share.  it's usually a huge hit with friends :)


  1. love your ootd! so cute.
    i'd love the recipe!!

  2. thanks ashlee! i sent you the recipe on FB in a message :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally feel the same way when I get my husband to take pictures for my OOTD posts. I never know how to stand or what to do. He isn't to helpful with telling me either. He just takes a bunch of pictures. Love your outfit. Looks comfy and cute! I would love that recipe. It looks yummy.

  4. That blouse is really cute on you! And I am so the same way anytime when I would ask my BF to take pictures of me for my blog! I freeze up and don't know what to do, I feel so awkward and embarrassed all of a sudden :) The pictures he takes are better but I prefer my tripod in the end ;)

  5. lorraine - haha! my husband isn't helpful either. he just starts taking pictures when i'm not even ready. but i'm glad he did get a few good shots. i was so frustrated with my stupid camera that i was willing to try anything at that point. :)

    goldenmeans - thanks girl! i've been over to your blog a bunch of times, and i always LOVE your pictures! and I love your anthro items seen on tv feature too :) - especially GLEE!!

  6. I'm the same way with asking Chris to take pics as well, but I feel weird if I'm not looking into the camera. That's why I'm going to get a remote for our camera so I can be all "modeley" by myself! haha.

    Glad you put on that new shirt! How do you like it?

  7. Cindi - I really like it a lot! I think I could have actually sized down from my usual 4 to a 2 though. But the 4 is fine in the fact that i'm constantly having to pick up my baby boy and it allows for more movement. We did these pictures half way through the day, which is why it's a bit wrinkly :) Aside from the wrinkles, I like the fabric. It's a really nice crinkled cotton gauze. Perfect for our super hot days, but i had to wear a cami underneath because it's pretty sheer. at $19.95 there's rerally no room to complain :)

    Hope you and Chris are doing well. I'm guessing you got your internet up and running? How's the move-in going?

  8. Internet is not working yet! That stupid Comcast guy came over and took 2 hours, now we can't get it to work. I'm totally blogging at work. :) The move's been really good so far...just very tiring. We want to be able to get things in its place so it feels like a home. My dad and Chris are also starting on our deck this weekend. many things going on!

    Btw, how is your house hunting going? I forgot to ask that other time when you posted the comment. Any luck in finding anything at a decent price?

  9. Oh no! I wonder why Comcast can't get it right?! Sometimes I feel like I'd be able to do a better job myself than to let the cable guys try and fix whatever needs to be done. haha! I'm sure you guys must be exhausted - especially with you being at work today. I can't imagine!

    Our house hunt is going very well! We have found a few homes online that we're very interested in seeing. The prices here are so low compared to a lot of the country, so finding a 3 BR, 2 bath home isn't that hard. The difficlut thing is finding a home which I deem worthy enough. I'm looking for something with a lot of character that won't need tons of work. I've got this picture in my head of what I want, and I've only seen like 2 homes in our price range that almost fit the bill :) We will see though. I'm sure there are tons of other homes out there that I might be interested in!

  10. aimee: I can relate to the way you feel about having your husband to your pics. I feel self conscious asking my BF, mostly because he thinks my blog is silly :) I love your Anthro top on you. It's so summery, simple, and chic. That's pasta looks delicious! I want to come to dinner ;)

  11. you look comfy and the food looks great. i can relate to that heat here in GA.

  12. That's great, Aimee! Please keep us updated of the hunt...I love reading, hearing, watching people find their homes. I watch those House Hunter shows all the time.
    Yeah prices in Seattle became ridiculous a few years ago...we're glad we got our house when we did. I'm excited for you! Good luck with the's an exciting time!