Thursday, July 8, 2010

perfect summery thing.

my husband bought this dress for me last month!  it's so perfect for the scorching hot weather we've been having here in south carolina lately.  i've already worn it 3 times and love it more and more each time.  i'm also pretty sure my hips have finally started coming back in since having Finn 5 months ago, so i don't feel nearly as wide as i did the first time i tried it on.  yay!

well, i'm so glad that David has the day off tomorrow.  by the time he gets home tonight, i will have only seen him for 2 hours out of 32.  i've been pretty stressed these past two days and really need a break.  being a stay at home mother is so completely mentally and emotionally draining and some days i wonder how i'm going to make it through.  i've been having an exceedingly difficult time with my daughter who's behavior has been the opposite of wonderful lately.  i don't know what it is, but i'm sure hoping obedience is right around the corner!   i think what makes things so hard is that i'm not sure if her behavior is my fault.  i try so hard with her, but it seems like my efforts do nothing, and it's depressing at times.  but i guess i just have to keep pushing forward, continue to do my best, and hope that things change.

happy thursday!

OH!  one more thing...

(my friend had this on his facebook page today and for some reason i couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes straight.  maybe i'm overtired?  but i still think it's hilarious!)


  1. Beautiful dress on you - I'm definitely thinking of you as a super-chic mommy in the dress and necklace.

    Hope you and hubs get some well-deserved rest and time together!

  2. agree 100% that you look FANTASTIC with that dress. i know things get stressful especially with the little ones acting all but compliant -- take a deep breath (AND A NICE LONG BATH) and try to relax!


  3. Aww I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I'm not a parent so I can't give any advice but to say to just keep trying with her. I truly admire you for being a stay at home mom, and as I get into motherhood (hopefully soon after my wedding), I hope we keep in touch so you can teach me some tricks!

    I love that dress on you, I think the color works perfectly with your skin tone. If there are any more left in store, I'd love to see you in a Perilla dress. :) I think it'd suit your figure quite nicely.

  4. That dress looks amazing on you. I love it paired with that necklace. I totally know how you feel with the stay at home mommy thing. It is very exhausting at times. Hang in there I'm pretty sure it will get better. At least that's what I keep telling myself. A good GNO always helps me when I need a break.

  5. How did I miss that dress? It is so flattering on you and perfect for running around with the little ones. I am going to watch for it to try on!

    Stay strong, mama! This stay-at-home-mom thing is no joke, especially when the husband is working LOOOONNNNG hours. I can totally relate, this has been one of those weeks. If it is hard, you are doing it right. It won't last forever, though! :)

  6. Very cute! I tried it on and really liked it, but I'm waiting for a sale. : )

  7. Lisa - i so wish i were a super chic mommy! yesterday was a sweats and tank day and i was for sure a hot mess! thank you so much for the compliment though! it's hard to find the balance of taking care of myself while trying keep up with two kids and our cluttered apartment. but i have made it a point to try really hard after i had my son to not let myself go like i did when i had averie.

    jessica - i bath does sound sooo nice right now. i've been so overly stressed about averie that i literally feel fatigued. she is so unbelievably strong willed - you have no idea! haha! my mom blames it on me. apparently i was a difficult toddler. oops.

    cindi - i seriously hope i will have tips after all this is said and done! but i really feel that every child is so different and each one needs certain things that others might not. i just have to figure out what the heck those things are!!! i feel like i'm trying to solve an impossible puzzle every single day at this point. anyway, i think i'll take your suggestion and try on the perilla dress on my little anthro excursion :)

    lorraine - thank you so much! this necklace is so hard not to wear every single day. it looks great with so many things. i wish anthro would sell them again so i could score more colors! and i'm positive things will get better - i wish someone could tell me when so i'd have something to really look forward to! :)

    katie - i'm so glad i have a few readers who can totally relate to me on this level. it's nice to know i'm not alone - not to say i'm glad if your kids act up, but you know what i mean ;) and i would totally recommend this dress to you! i can sit on the floor and play in it without feeling uncomfortable and my kids love how soft it is too! perfect for snuggling :)

    ashlee - thank you! i'm so glad david knows how to shop for me :) he's pretty awesome!

    LC - thanks! if it weren't for my husband buying this as a gift, i'd have waited for a sale too. not saying it isn't worth the $98, but that's just the kind of person i am. i'm pretty sure these aren't flying off the racks, so i'm sure you'll be able to snatch it up at half the price!

  8. You make that dress, seriously aimee. It's fantastic on you! I can't believe you ever doubted this one. Perfection! I'm definitely going to request a review :) I'm so psyched for your trip!

  9. You look beautiful Aimee! That dress was made for you, and your husband was a sweet (and smart!) man to buy it for you as a present ;)

    Sorry you are having troubles with your little girl...I live with my bro + SIL and help raise my baby nephews...the oldest is 15 months and definitely has not-listening days, and with certain behaviors, weeks and months! So I can sympathize a tiny bit. Hope things get better soon!

  10. cat - thank you so much! i think the drape is a lot nicer now that i've lost a bit more of the baby weight. and that is exactly what i was hoping for. :) e-mail me whenever you want and let me know what you want reviews on.

    goldenmeans - my husband is really really awesome! his generosity and thoughtfulness were two of the first things that attracted me to him.

    15 months was actually when averie first started to act up a bit. i was naive to ever think at that point that this whole mothering deal would get easier. bahahaha! joke was on me! but i cannot help but love her to pieces :)

  11. I think you look so great in that dress and it's perfect for the heat!
    I'm sorry your kiddo is acting up- I don't have kids, but I have empathy for stay at home moms, you never get a break!