Saturday, June 12, 2010

happy things.

happy 31st birthday to my husband (better late than never, right?)!!!

this pic is from the vacation we took last year to celebrate his 30th, and I love it so much because it was the first time in a while that we had been able to go somewhere without a kid attached to us.  we were able to just chill, go out without having to load up a diaper bag, and wake up whenever we felt like it in the morning.  i really believe that vacation did a lot for us as a couple and helped spruce things up a bit!  i'm a little sad we weren't able to do something like that this year, but hopefully another husband/wife vacation is in our near future.

anyway, we didn't get to do anything special today because David had to work.  we did get cuddle up on the couch and watch  a movie tonight after the kids went to sleep.  it was especially nice after not seeing eachother much in this past week.  oh, and i also made him some pepperoni and onion pizza and a caesar salad for dinner!  it was sooooo good.  i think we'll do a bit more celebrating on monday and tuesday when he has off from work.  there just wasn't enough time today to do anything fun.

hope you're all busy enjoying your weekend!


  1. We take it for granted the amount of "free" time we have when we don't have kids yet. Chris and I are definitely cherishing those moments right now. Happy belated bday to David! He's also a June baby like Chris. His is this Thursday but we'll go celebrate Friday. :)

  2. Cindi - you will be so glad you took advantage of this time years down the road! i hope you and Chris have fun this weekend for his birthday festivities!