Sunday, June 6, 2010

good things. bad things.

good things.
i really enjoyed seeing my friend Jess today!  we only got to spend 4 hours together, but 4 hours is way better than none.  she and her husband were in the state for a conference and because we hadn't seen one another in 3 years, there was no way we could be so close and not get together somehow!  Jess was probably my best friend in college.  she and i met and a friendship sparked almost immediately.  it quickly became the kind of friendship where people would be shocked if we weren't seen together (a very rare occurrence).   needless to say, we lost touch over the years and us living in totally different parts of the country didn't help, as we are both terrible with keeping in touch with people in general.  today, seeing her, it didn't seem like a day had gone by since our days in the dorms.  i feel so blessed to have a friend like her and hope that i can do a better job as a friend in the years to come.

bad things.
i'm totally feeling like it's friday night right now.  Dave had his first day in his new job today and i'm not used to him working on saturday (especially from 9am-8pm).  the hardest part was not having him come home on his lunch break (thank goodness Jess was here).  i know that's something i'm really going to be missing now that his store is a half hour away versus 3 minutes away.   
i'm also feeling really stressed about this stay-at-home mommy business now because Averie acts out so much lately and it gets really frustrating.  so much so that i find myself running to my room and closing myself in there sometimes just so i can breath and focus on keeping my cool. 
i was talking on the phone earlier with my good friend, Brittney about being stay-at-home moms and we both totally agree that this is one of the most mentally and emotionally draining jobs any person can do.  there are so many amazing things about it,  but it's not easy by any means.  i just have to keep reminding myself that things will get better, and Averie will become more obedient if i just keep my cool and stay firm and loving.  it HAS to get better, right?

happy sunday everyone!  hope you all enjoy the last day of your weekend.  Dave has tomorrow and monday off of work, so this is day one of our weekend.  So there's another good thing.  :)

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