Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 things about me. (sugar doll)

i have been passed the sugar doll award by the lovely and ever fabulously fashionable Cat from anthrosdottir.
(please check out her blog if you haven't already)

so ladies, this means that i get to share with you 10 things about myself that you all don't know.  this will be tough, but i'm going to try and keep you all throughly entertained.  :)

1. after high school i was all set to attend the art institute of philidelphia to major in fashion design (a dream i had since i was 10 years old).  however, my life took me in a different direction and i ended up going to bible college in dubuque, iowa for a couple of years and then went on to do a 2 year long goldsmithing and silversmithing apprenticeship under an incredibly talented master who also became one of my best friends in the process.  and even though my original life plan never came to be, i ended up finding just what i needed -  joy and peace in my spiritual life, and also the gift of a talent that i was unaware that even existed.  pretty awesome stuff!

2. i used to love playing soccer with my sister and brother when we were kids.  it was always them against me.  i always won - which probably why i miss it.  hahaha!

3. i played softball for 13 years of my life.  i'm left handed, so naturally first base was my position.  i loved everything about that sport!  and i'm not really a competitive person normally, but when i was out on the field, you better bet you'd catch me constantly talking smack to the other teams!  hahaha!

4. when i was young i used to be able to climb up doorways like a crazy spider and then i'd prop my feet against one side of the door and my back against the other and sit there for extended periods of time.  i think i might be too big for that now?

5.  i hate scary movies.  like really hate them.  it had been maybe 7 years since i'd seen one up until about 2 months ago when i thought it was a good idea to watch 'paranormal activity'.  holy crap... i couldn't sleep for two days straight!  bad bad bad idea! 

6. i love making up my own ridiculous lyrics to songs.  but the worst is when i'm singing a song seriously (with lots of added emotion for good measure) and then it comes to me... i've been singing the wrong freaking lyrics for the past 10 years.  *faceplam*

7. i'm pretty sure the grossest word ever invented is "panties", and if you say it out loud you'll know what i mean.  i much prefer "underwear".

8. i love dressing my children and buying them clothes.  it's hard for me to allow anyone else to take part in that with me because i'm so extremely picky about what they wear - even more so than i am about my own wardrobe!

9. the only thing i miss about pregnancy is that i can't justify eating fruity pebbles 3 times a day anymore.

10. my teeny bopper crushes included Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Hanson (don't make fun - he's hot) & Nick Carter.  i totally used to collect Teen Beat mags and tear through them to find pictures that i could put in my 2" binder with protective plastic pages.  i would flip through and daydream about marrying them on an almost daily basis.

wow.  i feel so exposed.
hope you all have a great night!


  1. I LOVE this Aimee!! Haha...the teeny bopper magazines one made me laugh. I used to love those as well and tore ones out of Jonathan Brandis (remember him???) and taped it right near my head on the wall by my bed. I used to kiss him good night too. Oooh boy!

    I think I'm also naturally a lefty but in China that's a no no. So teachers and everyone around me forced me to write and do everything more right handed. However, I still do certain things better with my left hand...like carry plates and glasses while I waitressed.

  2. You are so unique!! You play softball too! It's amazing how many anthro jocks there are. For a while, I just assumed I was the only one. Teen Beat... right there with you sister on that one! I used to make book covers out of the mag so I could have leo plastered on my math book. I'm such a dork.

  3. I love these posts, it is great to read interesting little facts about everyone. Yay for a fellow leftie! And I think my waaaaay back in the day crush was Jonathan from NKOTB - because he was the quiet one. Nowadays I've moved up to Batman - hello Christian Bale!

  4. Oh, I hate scary movies too. I can't watch them because I'll continue to think about them for weeks after and then never sleep again. I know what you mean about the word "pantie". That and there are a few others that make me cringe.

  5. Yay, I love learning more about fellow bloggers :) I admit I still have a huge smile on my face from reading about how you used to slip your Teen Beats into protective plastic pages in a binder and flip through 'em! :) My parents would never let me buy Teen Beat, sigh.

  6. Cindi - i totally had to look up who Jonathan Brandis was, but when i pulled up some images i immediately broke out hysterically laughing! (my daughter was looking at me like i was a psycho) i remember thinking he was super hot too, but can't remember what he was in??

    Cat - i really did play softball - from the ages of 6-19! :) i'm 26 now, so it's been a LONG time, but my husband and i will break out our mitts every so often and toss a ball around. AND Averie already loves baseball, so we're going to get her into a t-ball league at the YMCA next spring. i'm sure i'll be practicing with her and teaching her how to play :) can't wait!

    Lisa - Jonathan from NKOTB isn't looking too shabby these days either! When i first read your comment (before reading the Christian Bale part) i was picturing you having a crush on the bat suit. hahaha! oh my goodness... i must really need sleep!

    Liz - people always make fun of me for getting so freaked out by scary movies. glad to know i'm not the only one who's haunted for extended periods of time by them. i'd also like to hear your list of cringe-worthy words. there are others, but "panties" is the worst for me. :)

  7. goldenmeans - i had serious issues back then. i think at one point i was throughly convinced that i would meet Leo someday and at the point our the eyes would meet, he'd be so drawn to me and come over like the rest of the world didn't exist and we'd share a deep passionate kiss. hahaha!

  8. The words discharge and moist come to mind. Eeewww. I know. I'm so immature, but hearing those words in any context makes me cringe.

  9. ooooh! discharge is pretty horrid too! like when someone says, "i got discharged from the hospital a day early." or something. (?!) i'm the same way. maybe I'm simply just THAT immature. hahaha!

  10. HAHA...he was in that Neverending Story or something. With the big flying dog??? And then he was in some soccer movie with Rodney Dangerfield. Sadly though, he died at an early age...I think 27. Either drugs or suicide.

  11. This is so neat!! I have to tell you I was also a huuuuge Nick Carter fan, I *totally* agree with you on #7, and you are super brave for watching Paranormal Activity! I also can't watch scary movies - if I see anything remotely scary, I have to watch something funny before going to bed. :)

  12. Cindi - i haven't seen Neverending Story in SO long. But it was my childhood best friend's favorite, so we watched it a TON. I can't believe he died! I'm about to google that!

    Erin - Did you ever go to a BSB concert? My sister and I went to one and had so much fun!!! My sister even got a rode from Howie (we had really close seats) Oh the memories...

    I'm the same way about having to watch something funny after a scary movie. Unfortunately, even that didn't work after watching Paranormal Activity. :(

  13. ugh -- i meant ROSE* not rode.

  14. Funny...I was just telling one of the little girls I recently babysat for (who, oddly enough was trying to climb up the living room window!!) about how my sister used to climb doorways. I promptly told her to never try it though ;)

  15. Carolyn - a window? how is that even possible? hahaha! i'm glad you told her not to do it, but i can totally see her trying and then telling her parents you were the one who told her about it.

  16. Hahahaha! Okay, sooooo I really hate scary movies, I love making up crude song lyrics, and I abhore the word "panties"! We're more alike than I thought!