Sunday, July 18, 2010

creme brûlée.

this week has been nothing short of complete chaos.  Finn has been a complete wreck for 3 days straight.  i've had minimal sleep and have had moments where i just wanted to call it quits with this mommy business.  if it weren't for bare essentuals "warmth", my face would look like a hot mess!  i swear, that stuff really has super powers built into it.  i go from having the appearance of a zombie to looking like i'm ready to take over the world with a few swishes of a make-up brush.  oh, how i wish i could  apply a nice layer of that onto my inner being!

okay - i'm sure you all have heard of my parental woes enough, so let us get to something fun!

what good is a post without food? 

homemade creme brulee.  it was supremely delicious, one of the best i've ever had.  this my first try too! :)

here's the recipe i followed.
oh, and since i didn't have a kitchen torch, i just used my broiler to caramelize the sugar on top (which is why it looks weird).  but trust me, it tastes just as good!


  1. Ooh I love the shoes on your wishlist and love your OOTD as well. I also sported a cargo skirt this weekend. They're so comfortable!

    I'm the same as you, I hate the artificial feeling of an air conditioner. If it's not uncomfortably hot, we leave the window open and love feeling the natural, fresh breeze. Oh yeah...aren't you going to Charlotte soon? I hope you have a great time and don't forget to do fitting room reviews. :)

  2. I love cardis! Never tried creme brulee, but that looks mighty tasty!

  3. Cindi - i love my cargo skirt. in this weather it's so hard to not wear it everyday. it's been miserably hot here for the past 3+ weeks now, with no end in sight. and the a/c really is horribly artificial - it makes my nose and throat really dry. also, i have been meaning to mention that my trip to Charlotte has been postponed. blah. due to my husband's & friend's work schedules, i'm going to have to wait until next month. sad. i was so looking forward to starting fitting room reviews too!

    Sammi - you definitely should try making the creme brulee. the recipe is super easy and it's one of my favorite deserts of all time!

  4. oh that creme brulee looks divine

    I hate having the AC on and try and keep the windows open as long as I can. I esp. hate the ac in the car. It gives me a headache, dries out my eyes, ugh. but w/o it, i feel like i'm in a hotbox, so of course I keep it on!

  5. Pamela - I love having the windows and sun roof open in the car. Of course, if my kids are with me, I use the a/c, but if it's just me it stays off.

  6. Aww so sorry to hear that you won't be able to take your trip down there. :( But this gives me more time for me to do some fitting room requests for you to try on. Hehehe.

  7. it's alright. i guess i have something to be SUPER amped about now, right? i really hope you send your requests along - i would love to have something good to contribute to my readers :) lots of love to you & cannot wait to see how your deck turns out!

  8. Mmm...I have my eyes on those Rising Sun Mary Janes as well! That color is just fantastic, and I like the little buckle detail. And I agree with you that the duck cardi is kind of fabulous, in a slightly strange but pleasantly quirky way!! :)

    Oh and hi, you can make Creme Brulee yourself? You are awesome!! :)

  9. goldenmeans - aren't they gorgeous? i like the other color too, but the teal is my top choice. price isn't terrible either. and the more i look at the mallard bay cardi, the more i want it. i think the quirkiness is really what i love about it. it's not everyday you're going to see someone walking around with ducks on their sweater! :)

    oh - and you shoudl totally take a look at that recipe! it's so so so easy to make creme brulee! no lie.