Saturday, July 24, 2010

shoe and food things.

shoe things

i was browsing anthropologie's site today, and i stumbled on these beauties: 

athenaeum wedges by coclico - $428

i think they're the most amazing pair of booties ever!  rugged & masculine with a touch of lady-likeness!

food things.

i'm sure you've all been dying to know what aimee's favorite sandwich of all time is, right?  well, even if you weren't, i'm going to tell you anyway because i'm just that nice!

tomato & fresh mozzarella on a french baguette. 

the condiment cup has olive oil with a bit of garlic powder, basil and cracked pepper. (it's better with fresh basil, but i didn't have any on hand, so i settled with dried basil)

all you do is slice the bread, lay the tomatoes and mozz down in there, drizzle with the olive oil, throw it on the george foreman for 30 seconds just to warm the outside of the bread and serve!  it's so yummy - you will not regret making this.  trust me!


  1. I am so with you on the booties. I have never been a big "bootie" girl (that sounds wrong), but these totally caught my eye. Too bad, because like you said, at that price I will just have to watch them sell out. There is just something about them . . . sigh. And yummy sandwich. Simplicity is best.

  2. Oh that sandwich looks perfect!

  3. Katie - haha! the "bootie girl" part of your comment cracked me up! i hate how we're going to have to watch them sell out and more than likely see other bloggers wearing them in the fall. sigh... oh well. and you should totally make the sandwich! the first time i had one was on a trip to paris almost 10 years ago. boulangeries sell them on practically every other block from what i remember.

    Liz - it really is! my husband isn't a tomato lover at all, but he always asks me to make these for him! it's pretty amazing.

  4. Those booties are cool and that sandwich looks so yummy!

  5. Hey ladybird, I just wanted to let you know you won the giveaway on my blog! I couldn't find your email for the life of me. If you could either reply to this comment or shoot me an email at we can get the ball rolling on getting you your prize!

  6. I made the sammy tonite!! So delicious!! I could have eaten 10 of these. Good think I only had one ball of fresh mozz or I'd be hurting. Thanks for sharing ;)

  7. Meg - thank you! if i could pick one thing to have for the rest of my life between the booties and the sandwich, i'd pick the sandwich :)

    Jinah - thanks again! i'm seriously so excited and gracious to you for doing that giveaway :) i shot you an email this morning.

    Cat - i'm so glad you made it! it's ao hard for me to not eat them all the time!

  8. I am soooo hungry after looking at these pictures! There is nothing I love more than a sandwich with tomatos and mozzarella! :)

  9. goldenmeans - it is mandatory that you make this sandwich sometime this week!

  10. i love these! I make them too but I add basil as well.