Sunday, September 12, 2010

all things averie.

well, this past sunday (sept. 5th) was Averie's birthday and my sister was down visiting for a few days.  unfortunately my husband had to work everyday last weekend, so we just went to mcdonalds, starbucks and lowe's.  (all of which were Averie's choice)  I mean, what kid in their right mind doesn't love mcdonalds?  and starbucks... haha!  don't worry - no coffee for this kid!  she loves the strawberries & cream frappuccino.  AND lowe's (her favorite place on earth where she got to run around like crazy and see her daddy.  :)   it really was a fun day!

here's a picture of my beautiful girl on her birthday.  isn't she cute?


  1. I've been busy and haven't been posting too. Life happens--some things just have to come before blogging. :) Your daughter is adorable with such beautiful blue eyes. Hope she had a great birthday!

  2. We missed you!! Your little girl is just gorgeous - look at those eyes! I'm glad y'all had a fun day celebrating :)

  3. Missed your posts! Averie is beautiful! Those eyes see right into your soul. Sounds like a lovely day; simplicity really is best.

  4. Averie has her mommy's eys. She just beautiful and it sounds like she had a positively wonderful b-day!!

  5. hey aimee
    your little girl is so adorable! potential future Anthro model perhaps??! hehehe...

  6. My goodness Averie is so adorable. I absolutely adore her! Happy third bday miss Averie!

  7. liz - i totally agree. i missed you girls, but i can't make myself crazy just over my hobby :) and thank you for the sweet compliment about my daughter - she got those blues from her dad! her grandma is coming this week to visit, so the birthday celebration isn't over yet!

    erin - i missed you too!!! and yeah, her eyes are crazy! one of them has this flower pattern in it. i'm so jealous ;)

    katie - thanks for sticking with me. i'm sure you understand how hard it can be sometimes. and i totally agree. i went nuts overher first 2 birthday's, and this one was the least stressful to date. she didn't seem to mind though.

    cat - so funny because EVERYONE tells me she has dave's eyes and my mouth. but if she had dark hair and her eyese were hazel she'd be the spitting image of me when i was little.

    jen - she is VERY tall and skinny (like her daddy). she could potentially be a model - no lie. but she does love swimming too and tall people usually fair well with that sport, so we will see. as long as she does what she enjoys.

    jackie - we need to get our kids together. austin and averie would be so cute together! haha!

  8. Aww...little Averie looks like her mommy! I love the little clip in her hair and the braids. Kiss her happy bday for me! We missed ya!

  9. WOW, she's beautiful and has fantastic blue eyes!