Tuesday, January 11, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things.

ice covered trees.

this is what i woke up to this morning.  it snowed yesterday here in south carolina, and afterward we got the treat of freezing rain for hours upon hours.  it was pretty terrible, considering the lack of plows and salt for the roads.  there have been over 2000 accidents and 9 fatalities over the past 48 hours in this state.  i was extremely nervous for my husband to drive to work yesterday.  we're north easterners, so i wasn't scared about him being able to drive properly through the bad conditions.  what i was scared about were all the southerners on the roads with him.
anyway, just because the weather wasn't so great for driving, that doens't mean it wasn't great for my camera!  the way the ice completely coated the trees just made all the ugliness of the situation disappear.  the slightest breeze caused the branches to sway and the most beautiful crackling sound filled the air as the ice broke on the dozens of trees around me. 

 vintage handbags.

this here is a vintage handbag by John Romain.  i picked her up when my grandparents were moving out of their home years ago.  it was actually my aunt's handbag from her days of youth.  apparently John Romain bags were the "it" bag to have in the 60's and early 70's.  this little treasure is a sturdy tweed trimmed with gorgeous mahogany leather and finished off with brass hardware.  the company no longer exists, but you can find them on ebay, etsy and i'm sure at some vintage shops.
similar on etsy (here, here, and here with blue leather)


my husband and i finally decided it was time to make a switch from huggies to cloth diapering our son.  we chose gDiapers as our cloth diapering method, and couldn't be happier with them.  they're easy to use, will save us a ton of money, and they're just so darn cute on our little man!
for more information, check out the gDiapers website (here).

hope you all are having a good week!
stay warm :)




  1. Gorgeous handbag and your little one is cute in those cloth diapers.

  2. Hey Aimee! What beautiful frost-covered trees. I hope the driving condition are better today -- 2000 accidents is frightening when you have loved ones out on the road.

    And your comment about the crackling ice reminded me of a story my uncle told me. He lives in a 30-floor building in Manhattan and occasionally works from home. He was taking a conference call one morning when he heard the most deafening noises he'd ever experienced -- yep, it was sheets of ice cracking and sliding down the building. He had just moved from CA and was a bit bewildered by the whole thing!

  3. I totally had wanted to use G-diapers on my son. He came early and with medical issues so we never did use them. I am so curious about them, though!

    I adore that bag, lovely!

  4. Inkmark - thanks! i was really scared to use them at first, but it's really really easy to cloth diaper nowadays!

    Jamie - that would scare the crap out of me too - and i'm from Long Island originally! haha! I bet it looked and sounded like windows falling out. crazy!

    Katie - if you are planning on having anymore kids, i highly recommend the g's. i cannot say anything bad about them. i mean, the hardest thing is prepping the gCloth. you have to wash and dry them 6 times before you can use them. we don't use the flushies (too expensive), but those are pretty much the easiest thing in the world.

  5. That handbag is so great! And I love the diaper cover...too cute!
    Kristina J.