Tuesday, March 1, 2011

preview of the first piece for my upcoming jewelry line.


named after this particular piece and is also a reminder of God blessing me with the children that He "knit" and created for myself and my husband.

here's my first piece in the works...

one of the first stages of the carving process.

this is after about 30 hours of sculpting work.

hard to tell, but it's taking a more three dimensional form now.

once the bangle is complete in its wax form, a mold will be made and it will be cast in sterling silver.  stay tuned for much more! 

p.s. - my amhara skirt should be here any day.  i had to do a charge send since they sold out like hot cakes online.  so excited!  i'll try to do an ootd with it soon :)


  1. wow, it is been a while. Glad you are back. The bangle look intriguing. Hopefully there is more to come :-)

  2. I'm so excited! The detail is beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. oh, how exciting! the pattern looks gorgeous! I cannot wait to see your jewelry line. I'm starting do casting too. what a fun:)

  4. Wow Aimee! Congratulations on knit! I hope you will be showcasing more pieces!

  5. Wondrous article.


  6. Aimee, how exciting! I had no idea you were a jewelry designer/smith. I can't wait to see how this bracelet turns out.

  7. Inkkmark - Everything has been so crazy around here. Trying to get back into the hang of the jewelry making - it's been 4 1/2 years since I last touched on this stuff, so it's been quite a challenge. But I'm really excited to be doing the thing I feel I was born to do. There will be much more in the future!

    Kimmie - Thanks for the feedback! I've been struggling a lot with insecurity this past month. I'm so passionate about my work that I tend to be ridiculously hard on myself and ultra critical. I'm glad you think this looks good in the wax - that means more than you know!

    Natsuko - Thank you!! I'm really excited to see what you've got going on next! Lost wax is my absolute favorite.

    Cat - I'll be showcasing much more in the future! I've got a sketchbook full of designs and ideas right now, so now it's a matter of finding time to do this and also trying to pick the best designs out the lot!

    Carol - Not many people know about it, so don't feel left out ;) And you know, I'm also pretty excited to see how this thing turns out. I've spent about 50 hours on it so far, so the anticipation has built up so much that I'm ready to burst! The cast piece always looks better though. (!!!)

  8. I am so excited to see your jewelry! That is amazing to me; I so admire artists!! It looks beautiful so far! Keep us posted on the progress.

    Glad to hear from you after a break!

  9. Thanks for checking back, Katie! I've been sick these past few days and my kids both had the same cold last week, so progress is being made, but very slowly. Hoping the pace picks up soon. I'm getting so anxious to finish the bangle up. I've spent a good 55+ hours on it now, and the anticipation is killing me!!